Letters to the Editor

Davina letter: HB419

I find it interesting that HB419, which has passed the State House and moved on to the Senate State Affairs Committee, is always described as the “anti-Sharia bill.”

HB419 is a bill that provides for reinforcement of our individual rights and liberties that are guaranteed by our Federal and State Constitutions. If Sharia Law infringes our constitutionally guaranteed rights and it is entered into an Idaho court of law, then HB419 provides a clear legal path for our state judicial system to follow. It also does so for any other law or doctrine brought into our courts.

People argue that it is not needed because no such law or doctrine has been brought forward in Idaho courts. We answer that this is a preventive measure because The Center for Security Policy has documented 140 such attempts in 32 states.

So, the real question should be: Why are so many individuals and organizations raising such a fight to defeat a bill that doesn’t mention Sharia but does offer further protection of our individual constitutional liberties?

Douglas Davina, Eagle