Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Californians

Reflecting on my extreme good fortune as an aged citizen of the USA, I understand some elements of citizenship to include privilege and duty but also willing participation. Due process and laws are foundational to the exercise of citizenship in our country. Yet in California, my business-owning friends can be fined or imprisoned for exercising their U.S. citizenship. If they participate in helping uphold laws with regard to law breakers of the illegal alien type, they can be arrested, fined and perhaps imprisoned. Exercising the privileges and duties of all U.S. citizens by assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to ferret out alien lawbreakers is illegal in California. Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, will arrest and fine business owners $10,000 per offense and with possible jail time because of an anti-USA, California law. Of course there is something wrong with this picture. And with the saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation,” this kind of idiocy may be coming to Idaho? Plenty of Californians are fleeing that state for Idaho and elsewhere. Are they bringing their anti-American politics with them?

Bruce Anderson, Nampa