Letters to the Editor

Stone letter: Noisy library

Document Type: Regulation

Number: 4.04a

Effective: 03-01-11

Revised: 12-11-17

RULES OF CONDUCT: Illegal, disruptive or other inappropriate conduct that interferes with the operation or enjoyment of the Library by staff or patrons is prohibited.

Isn’t the Library an institution of education?

Bown Crossing library has decided that not following the Ordinance about disruptive behavior; in this case noisy children, is to be ignored. If people are not taught to follow the rules, how will they learn to be respectful of others?

The librarian suggested that I request, pick up my library materials and not linger in the library since I do not appreciate the noisy library.

A small amount of moving furniture, computers and play areas around could make the library pleasant for all.

Theresa Stone, Boise