Letters to the Editor

Lowe letter: Mass shootings

Another week, another mass shooting. Once again excuses from our “leaders” that no gun law will stop this. You know what? I agree. There is no law of any kind that will stop this from ever happening again. What we can do is have laws that minimize both the opportunity and severity. I would support a total and complete ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons of any kind to civilians. Now, before the more “exuberant” 2nd Amendment people blow a gasket and start the insults and name-calling, let me state that I own several rifles and pistols and have been hunting and target shooting many times. I would love to see a voluntary state/federal buy-back of semi-auto weapons with mandatory registration of the remaining ones. I would like to see private party sale of these types of weapons be illegal except to the buy-back program. Lastly, I want to understand the reasoning behind the seemingly “all or nothing” attitudes of many gun-rights advocates. I would like to have a thoughtful, reasoned conversation with someone that did not involve yelling, labeling, insults, name-calling or any fear-based arguments.

Chris Lowe, Nampa