Letters to the Editor

Coffin letter: Children’s deaths

The religious “cult” members that won’t seek medical care for their sick children are using “religion” (with the aid and comfort of our Legislature) to perpetrate child neglect and abuse, if not murder. My only child died just short of 3 years of age from an insidious hereditary disease. From the day of her diagnosis until the day of her death, my wife, now deceased, and I made certain all possible medical care available was provided to comfort our child. The day of her death was the worst day of my life. I have never forgotten and never recovered. There exist no United States or Idaho constitutional provisions which make religious dogma a legitimate excuse to harm a child or to cause the suffering or death of a child. None. It is ironic and sad that our Legislature has spent thousands of hours and millions of our tax dollars over the years trying to find a legal way to prevent women from having abortions but will allow these parents to stand idly by as their children suffer and die.

Terry E. Coffin, McCall