Letters to the Editor

Garrard letter: Trespassing bill

New Trespass Bill HB658 has unfortunately made it through House voting. I have already contacted my representatives to assure them that because of their Yes votes on this bill, I will never, ever vote for them again.

I am asking my Senate representatives to vote “No” on HB658.

This deleterious bill benefits a landowner minority at the expense of the average Idahoan by essentially allowing the bullying of recreationists by threat of one-sided lawsuits or, when compounded with “stand-your-ground legislation,” actual deadly force: idahostatesman.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article204633849.html.

Of more concern is the way this bill is being pushed through without consideration of the public via Sportsmen’s Groups. This is a purposeful attempt to circumvent fair and prudent lawmaking. We should know that when we hear “we will pass the law to see what is in it,” that the law under consideration has not seen sufficient effort, and is nefarious in nature.

Our existing law is a wise product of a compromise between landowner and outdoorsmen groups, unlike this HB658. The issue with the standing current law is simply enforcement, much like current gun laws.

The outdoor recreationists of Idaho are watching and counting on senators to do what is right.

Dale Garrard, Meridian