Letters to the Editor

Peterson letter: Tackle real problems

The foil hat, moon howlers are back. Fanning the flames of unreasoned panic by pulling out every quack cure, and Internet boogerman they can lay their twitchy, sweating paws on.

The agenda: Passing a law against mother nature’s overeaching and unpaid for mandate of gravity.

Also, a requirement that doctors inform patients that labeling cholesterol as “good” or “bad” is just liberal claptrap, and surgery can be undone by simply wishing hard and getting your mind (far) right.

They talk about the crushing weight of debt we are passing on to our children, but don’t want to pay for it themselves. Every tax cut is passing it on.

If it’s their overseers, it’s being put upon by nasty government. If it’s the poor, it’s prudent oversight of freeloaders. Subsidies for the rich — investment. For the poor — rewarding sloth.

They have no faith in man’s common sense (understandable given their base and colleagues they run with).

I have never seen people more terrorized and unhinged still claim to be Americans.

Their main commodity is fear.

Stop shaking and stand up. Think straight. Tackle real problems. Stop telling ghost stories, and start facing reality. It’s scary enough. Boo.

Burt Peterson, Meridian