Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: School choice vouchers

Recently, an opinion article was submitted by the combined Idaho Teachers Union, Superintendents Association, and School Board Association decrying the effects of School Vouchers taking away their public tax dollars. I don’t know about you, but I consider tax dollars as my tax dollars. No single department, association, or group has a right to claim our money as their public tax dollars.

If a charter school or home school is doing a better job educating our children, why do I have to pay twice? If this trinity of virtue and benevolence listed above has their way, we get to pay in the form of property taxes to them, and again in tuition for school choice. A true “They win, we lose” arrangement.

Why won’t this elite group figure out ways to educate better for less? Mainly because we, the providers, are working so hard to make ends meet we don’t attend school board meetings or meetings with our legislators.

Please contact your legislators, ask if they support School Choice Vouchers. If you like their answer, consider voting for them again. If you don’t, maybe you should run against them.

Jay Miller, Blackfoot