Letters to the Editor

Litster letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

I am writing to support Tommy Ahlquist for governor. This is a rough campaign and will only get rougher as we get closer to the primary. Charges have been leveled against Tommy that he contributed to Democrat campaigns. That’s true but he also supported and donated to many Republicans too. Even President Trump contributed to Democrats in the past.

But today, Idaho needs a change just like the nation needed a change in 2016. There were 17 highly qualified Republican candidates running for president and Trump beat them all because he wasn’t a career politician. America needed an outsider and they responded by electing Trump. We need that same type of person today. Little and Labrador are fine men and good candidates. But we need a new, fresh approach. Someone with the unique combination of experience and skills that Tommy has. As a successful ER doctor, he understands the needs and challenges of delivering quality healthcare. As a successful businessman, he demonstrated the ability to grow and manage a team that has delivered creative projects on time and under budget. Idaho needs a fresh approach from a skilled and highly qualified candidate. That’s why I’m voting for Tommy.

Dave Litster, Boise