Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: Otter’s tax bill

When I was active in the Republican Party, I remember how the party billed itself as pro-family. Several large families support the GOP very actively. As such, it is a stunning betrayal that the tax bill proposed by Governor Otter and advanced by Republicans in the Legislature raises taxes on every family with three or more children.

While the bill makes changes to bring the Idaho Tax Code into alignment with the federal code on the issue of exemptions and deductions and introduces a child tax credit, there was a big difference between Idaho and the federal level. At the federal level, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ensured the final bill included a tax credit that was sufficient to make sure families were not hurt by other changes to the code. Sadly, Idaho lacks that leadership.

This tax increase on Idaho families comes with a 0.475 percent rate cut that is so anemic most taxpayers won’t even notice, it won’t spur economic growth, and does nothing to address our lack of competitiveness with neighboring states. It also doesn’t address what would really help large families: getting rid of the grocery tax. It is a brainless as well as a heartless bill.

Adam Graham, Boise