Letters to the Editor

Dammarell letter: Freeway speeds

There is a bill making its way through the Idaho Legislature to allow trucks to go 80 mph on freeways through Idaho. The idea is to have trucks and cars travel the same speed. The proposal is flawed because most trucks are mechanically governed at 65-70 mph due to the insurance company’s conclusion from actuarial data that higher speeds are more dangerous for a variety of reasons. The bill will not achieve its intended purpose. Since speeds have changed to 80 mph I have seen an increase in aggressive drivers on I-84 and many people driving well over 85. To drive from Boise to Pocatello the time savings is only 15-20 minutes. Most traffic drives from city to city so there is only a time savings of a few minutes. To make driving more dangerous just to save a few minutes is foolish. There are very few reasons to have a freeway speed of 80 and many safety related reasons to bring speed limits for both cars and trucks back to 70 mph. Please contact your Idaho representatives (they all have email) if you disagree with this proposal.

Jim Dammarell, Boise