Letters to the Editor

Allred letter: Public lands

I have read several editorial letters on Eric Parker. Parker is no hero and his legislator alter ego, Dorothy Moon, can’t make him one. Shame on Representative Moon and other Idaho legislators who clapped at Parker’s introduction.

Even more alarming than Moon’s political embrace of Parker is the incomprehensible logic she applied to his threatening posture at Bunkerville. Moon claims Parker was innocently “looking at” federal officers through his rifle scope. Heard of binoculars?

It is this dangerous absence of reason among those supporting a scofflaw like Bundy that gives most Idahoans the shudders. Look no further than Malheur in 2016.

Malheur was a paramilitary occupation. No reasonable discourse occurred prior. If we think this incident was supported only by reason-challenged followers of Bundy, think again. In a 2016 Statesman op-ed Congressman Raul Labrador wrote that the armed seizure of Malheur was an example of Thoreau’s civil disobedience. If Labrador doesn’t know the difference between Walden Pond and the armed occupation of Malheur then he is egregiously unqualified to be governor.

With public land administration a core issue in the next election, a vote for Labrador is a vote for more “no trespassing” signs and fewer trail markers.

Robert Allred, Eagle