Letters to the Editor

Carlson letter: Support legislation

In Sunday’s Feb. 25 paper: “Risch isn’t expecting Olympics to heal Koreans’ rift.”

It’s true that the Olympic Games may not calm all tensions, but more importantly is that we need our members of Congress to ensure cooler heads prevail and diplomacy has a chance.

Conventional warfare — including a ground invasion that the Joint Staff has already said would be required to locate and destroy all nuclear arms — would be devastating to the region, including more than 51 million South Korean allies and over 23,000 American service members. As Senator Risch points out, nuclear warfare would be catastrophic. Senator Risch says “nobody wants military action.” Legislation can help. There are bills in both the House and the Senate asserting that Congressional authorization is required for any unprovoked strike against North Korea. We need Senators Risch and Crapo to be brave and assert legislative authority. Supporting Bill S.2047 can send a message to the executive branch that war is a collective decision not to be taken lightly.

American service members, civilians and our international allies need legislative courage from Congress. Supporting S.2047 and H.R. 4837 can offer that.

Meghan McDonald Carlson, Boise