Letters to the Editor

Hawk letter: Pro and anti guns

The battle has now reached a fevered pitch. The politically correct anti-gunners have declared war on the constitutionally adamant pro-gunners, and there are skirmishes on every front.

The anti-gunners would like us to believe the 2nd Amendment was only meant for muskets, the pro-gunners contend that the citizens’ muskets were equal to the government’s muskets, and that nothing says free country like an armed citizenry. Anti-gunners claim the 2nd Amendment was only meant for a well regulated militia, but pro-gunners and the U.S. Supreme Court, says the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to self defense, by armed citizens. Anti-gunners believe no one should have the right to defend themselves against multiple attackers, and therefore they reject the need for high capacity magazines, or firearms that automatically re-chamber a fresh round with each trigger pull.

Pro-gunners say that the threat of a complete financial collapse, due perhaps, to an unreasonable dependance on make believe paper currency, could very well put individuals at war, with marauding bands of desperate and armed opportunists. (Think Venezuela and even Mexico.)

More gun laws will stop gun violence in exactly the same way that marijuana laws have stopped marijuana use.

Only the private prisons will prosper.

Grant Hawk, Idaho City