Letters to the Editor

Herres letter: Drilling in coastal waters

Consequences of drilling for oil and gas in U.S. coastal waters — How could this affect Idaho? I am using the Pacific Ocean as an example.

Oil plumes generally don’t disperse in water. There is an ocean current that flows along the Pacific coastline from Alaska to Mexico. A major release of oil from a drilling platform is concerning because an oil plume can potentially be pushed down the West Coast causing widespread damage to many ecosystems and perhaps destroy the fishing industry.

A major oil release could reduce the number of salmon that swim upstream each year; by killing them and contaminating their food supply.

What is the potential for a major release affecting the economy of the state of Idaho? What would happen to the delis in the major grocery stores across the state, if fresh fish supplies dry up? Many sea creatures are sold in delis (including salmon). The sales of frozen and canned seafood would stop as well.

What value does ocean seafood matter to Idaho’s residents?

Chris Herres, Blackfoot