Letters to the Editor

Runyon letter: Dan Foreman

In response to the Dan Foreman story of Feb. 19, I’m an Idaho native, born and raised in this great state. Foreman is not.

Foreman embarrassed me and many other Idahoans with his little rant. He didn’t even give those students a chance to talk, after agreeing to meet with them. They drove 300 miles, and he made a fool of himself, and he put a stain on the great State of Idaho. He’s not someone I want working for me.

I understand Foreman used to be a police officer. I can only imagine how he acted as a police officer. I’m sure he didn’t act with respect for the citizens he worked for. Foreman probably thought he was the boss to the people he may have had any contact with, as a cop. He works for me and all of the other Idahoans. I’m telling him, as the person he works for, to apologize and make it right. With his hothead, he has no business representing Idaho. Maybe he should go back to Illinois.

Ronald Runyon, Boise