Letters to the Editor

Runft letter: U.S. Constitution

Once again, ignorance regarding the United States Constitution by our Idaho lawmakers is on embarrassing display, despite professional efforts from a number of quarters to enlighten them regarding basic concepts of constitutional law. Nevertheless, the majority of the State Affairs Committee continues to invoke the doctrine of “Nullification,” which by overwhelming legal consensus was decisively repudiated by the Civil War. Moreover, these same constitutional warriors express great trepidation when it comes to exercising the one remaining, effective vestige of states rights found in Article V of the Constitution. Twelve other state legislatures have acted in a unified, careful manner under the provisions of Article V to call for a convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution to rein in the power of the national government (e.g. term limits, balanced budget). Perhaps as more states come on board, Idaho’s legislators will quell their fears and exercise the one, valid, effective tool wisely provided by the Founders to curtail the national government’s usurpation of power and keep federalism intact.

John L. Runft, Boise