Letters to the Editor

McArthur letter: Raul Labrador

I recently received a letter from Raul Labrador printed on Congressional letterhead. It’s the first time I ever heard from him and he seems desperate to let me know what a great job he’s doing.

I find it curious the only time I hear from him is within a few months of the gubernatorial election. He swears he will “always be available” in the job he’s about to quit and then lists all the battles he’s won against the Federal Government. He throws in his “constitutional conservative” bonafides along the way describing himself as my champion.

On my way to deposit this thinly veiled campaign flyer in the garbage, I noticed the fine print at the bottom of the page: “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

Boy Howdy. Pretty slick. Since I’m not in the habit of paying somebody to tell me what a great job they’re doing, come November, I will do my part to relieve him of that urge so he can perform his barely legal gymnastics at his own expense in the private sector.

Anthony McArthur, Boise