Letters to the Editor

Russell letter: CBS news

How can you have real news when the source doesn’t deliver? I’m a big fan of CBS’s Sunday Morning. From Kuralt, to Osgood, to now Jane Pauly. Always leaves me feeling positive. Immediately after Sunday Morning is CBS’s Face the Nation. To me CBS News rates highest among the big three in truthful journalism. Take that with a grain of salt as today’s media journalism falls way short of my past expectations. Speaking of salt. I’ve noticed that our local CBS station KBOI cuts off the last half hour of Face the Nation with a pre-recorded tractor pull or bull riding event. What’s up with that KBOI?

Do you feel Idahoans don’t need to hear what is happening in Washington these days from both side of the coin — opting instead for mindless smoke? In other words — ignorance is bliss? 911 my fellow Idahoans/Americans now is the critical time to be paying attention. Read between the “government speak” lines. Demand full disclosure and accountability from our elected government officials — we deserve and pay for it.

Speaking of full disclosure we also need our local KBOI news stations to deliver the full news. Come on man.

Michael Russell, Boise