Letters to the Editor

Porterfield letter: Tax forms

We were trying to find IRS Instructions for the 1040A forms. After going to several post offices and libraries looking for the forms, we finally were referred to the IRS Office on Fort Street in downtown Boise. To gain access to the building we had to pass through a security check similar to the airport and once inside discovered the needed forms weren’t available and were told by the IRS clerk we didn’t need them, we were supposed to use the 1040 form. We found the 1040A information online and completed our federal and state taxes ourselves, as we had many times in the past. Why can’t the information needed to file our federal taxes be available locally just as the Idaho state forms are? In our previous state the forms were available in local neighborhood offices without having to go through a security check, which seems like a waste of resources and time.

Donald Porterfield, Boise