Letters to the Editor

Gregory letter: Open space

Regarding the Feb. 18 article, “Development foes lament losing landmarks, open space”: Boise, like towns across the land, is a car-centric place. We cut ribbons every time a new parking lagoon is paved to make cars happy. And we build more houses despite the fact that hundreds of existing ones sit, unsold. The folks who live in subdivisions galore off South Cole or Eagle Road do little walking, save to the garage. I venture that few people, if any in the Treasure Valley automobile circus, have ever checked the walkability of their subdivision via Walkscore.com. Try it. The score of my home in Mountain Home is zero.

When bulldozers showed up last fall to begin clearing land for the Morning View Subdivision in Mountain Home, few folks witnessed the death of Meadowlark nests. My calls to Idaho Fish and Game and the Fish and Wildlife Service went unanswered.

I had debates with my late mother about the fate of the Cole Elementary building (she was once its principal). I argued that the building should have been saved as it had history. It, too, is gone. Another gas station coming? The urban heat-island grows on.

Alan Gregory, Lt. Col, USAF, Ret., Mountain Home