Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: North Korea

Growing up during World War II the newspapers and the movie news started showing the Holocaust atrocities that Hitler and the Nazi regime inflicted on the Jewish population.

General Eisenhower forced the surviving Germans to go to the concentration camps and witness the cruel and savage treatment of these innocent people. Today some of the terrorist governments try and deny this happening. After this discovery, the world to this day despises what was done over 75 years ago. Because this was such a dirty secret, and there was no technology like we have today, the media didn’t have time to do what they are doing today with the current atrocities happening in North Korea under the evil dictator Kim Jong Un.

However, the TV media, I have renamed them the “mudia,” gave praises to his sister at the Olympics. She is his propaganda minister and must know about the atrocities, where thousands of political prisoners are being tortured and starved to death. By comparisons the “mudia” is criticizing President Trump for not condemning one of his staff for his alleged wife abuse, and they are comparing Un’s sister to Ivanka Trump. The mudia should go and look at the Holocaust.

Dave Silva, Boise