Letters to the Editor

Shores letter: Preschool

I’m responding to the opinion of Alyssa Townsend of Feb. 11. I agree that we need to do something to help prepare our children for school, but I disagree that this is the government’s problem. What needs to be done is to get parents the tools necessary to help their children to get ready. We have five children and 18 grandchildren and all of them were prepared for preschool. We read to them daily, play games with the alphabet, numbers and have fun with them. Parents are the key. I have not talked a teacher about holding the teachers accountable for teaching the children in their classes, one answer is the parents have more time with the children to counteract the things we teach during the day. I don’t know too many parents who don’t have a cellphone and there are many games that are free that teach letters, spelling and math. Why not encourage the parents to do their job? The result would be that the children will be more prepared for kindergarten and the parents might learn something as well. Let’s build up the parents instead of taking their money with extra taxes.

Tom Shores, Boise