Letters to the Editor

Klein letter: Campaign finance

Very curious the objections raised by the two most vocal opponents of the campaign finance reform bill being considered by the Legislature.

Ms. Giddings is concerned that adding some basic contribution reporting requirements will somehow be “implying something about our current elected officials and our current process.” As far as the process, that certainly fits. Many Idaho voters are concerned about all the money sloshing around in state/local elections. A bill that opens the curtain a bit on that process doesn’t seem particularly onerous.

I don’t see any implication of a particular official/office in the bill. I do see an implication when an official protests too much against this bill. Just saying.

Ms. Scott’s “what if” question only demonstrated that she is confused about reporting requirements already in place. Perhaps this bill will help to educate her more thoroughly.

These two R legislators (to be expected, this is Idaho) are from the party that wants to drain the swamp. Catchy bumper sticker, now let’s see where they stand when it is actually time to fire up a pump. Hopefully other House and Senate members will support this needed step.

Kevin Klein, Boise