Letters to the Editor

Kelley letter: Growth

In response to the article regarding growth in the Treasure Valley, Jan. 30, is it not time to plan constructively for this? Is there any reason Idaho needs to repeat the same mistakes of California? Once farm land is developed it is lost forever along with limited water resources. Idaho depends on agricultural products for a large part of its economy. We are known for open space and recreation. People are moving here to get away from congestion in people and traffic, yet we are doing nothing to prevent just that same thing from happening here. Many countries in the world confine population growth to cities and villages in order to protect the surrounding productive land. They grow “up” instead of eating up all the valuable land. I realize the West is not used to this approach since we have always had great expanses of land, but it is time to consider our values, food production, and general sustainability. We are in danger of killing both the goose and the golden egg. Growth and greed cannot be stopped, but careful management can help.

Patsy Kelley, McCall