Letters to the Editor

Hausrath letter: North Korea

I am alarmed by increasingly aggressive language regarding North Korea being used by the executive branch. I urge our members of Congress to re-assert their Constitutional power to get us off the path of war. I urge Senators Crapo and Risch to support S 2047 and Reps. Labrador and Simpson to support H.R. 4837 requiring Congressional authority to begin war or to use nuclear weapons of any scale.

I am not naive. The government of North Korea is acting in a particularly dangerous manner with documented human rights abuses and threats to use nuclear weapons. We must not allow the actions of North Korea to back the United States into a corner where we might start a conflict. It is dangerous and reckless to talk about preemptive war. There is no such thing as a “small” nuclear strike. Diplomacy has worked to ease tensions in other parts of the world; we need to use all the tools of diplomacy with North Korea.

I urge you to call on our federal elected representatives to re-assert their power and to support our ally South Korea in seeking diplomatic not military solutions in the Korean peninsula.

Anne Stites Hausrath, Boise