Letters to the Editor

Servatius letter: Catholic Church

We are “cradle” Catholics — born and raised as Catholics. We attend weekly and daily mass, and we have been involved in various ministries throughout our lives. We have no intention of leaving the Catholic Church. That being said, we are appalled by the Diocese of Boise’s sexual abuse policies.

Parents, if you think your child has been abused by a priest or deacon, the very first thing you should do is call the police, not the bishop.

Unfortunately, the current Diocese of Boise sexual abuse policy shows that the diocese is still primarily interested in protecting their own interests, not our children. To quote a favorite priest, “The devil loves secrets.” The diocese needs a policy that immediately refers sexual abuse cases to the police for their investigation and resolution. The diocese’s responsibility is to remove the alleged abuser from his position until the case is resolved. As long as we have the fox guarding the henhouse, we will not have true justice for these victims; and young (and old) will continue to use these unfortunate situations (that occur everywhere and in every organization) as a reason to leave the Catholic Church.

Paul and Debra Servatius, Meridian