Letters to the Editor

Freiburger letter: State surplus

I would like to know what happened to reporters? Recently I read about how a senator thinks the state has a $400 million surplus and introduced a tax cut. If there’s a $400 million surplus then why did ITD just issue over $200 million in Garvee bonds? Why are our schools rated last in the nation? Why are counties and local taxing districts forced to constantly issue levy bonds? Why is the very social network of recreational activities, state parks, fish and game and all the things that make Idaho a great place to live being neglected? These so-called senators and congressional leaders have no idea if they have a surplus or not. It’s up to the educated media to hold their actions accountable. You should be calling out and asking for explanations when they make these ridiculous assumptions. But not another tax cut that further places the very fabric of what makes this state a great place to live in jeopardy. You are as much to blame as these ignorant people in power.

Jeff Freiburger, Burley