Letters to the Editor

Kidd letter: West Ada Schools bond

Does increased budget money, bond money, grant money, property tax money, state money, federal money to education, improve the quality of education? By quality, I mean improved state test scores, improved percentages/number of high school seniors attending a college and/or university, improved ACT and/or SAT scores? That question should always be asked whenever a school district is requesting the taxpayer to assume more debt for any term or length of time. The recent flyer from the school district provided no full accountability on the expenditures, just a brief overview summary. How can anyone make a decision based upon edited summaries by the organization?

Bishop Kelly High School does not nor can they tax the public through the government as they are private. A comparison between West Ada School District (public school) to Bishop Kelly (private school) on the number/percentage of high school graduates going to college and their various entrance test and state scores, I believe, would be most revealing.

As far as the capital bonds go, too much and if increased population is the main issue, then build a new school as the main issue of growth. The extreme makeover and fluff can come later.

Galen Kidd, Boise