Letters to the Editor

Masner letter: Elect Brad Little

Choosing a new governor is serious business that will soon be the collective duty of Idaho citizens. How will you discharge this solemn duty?

Will you choose experience, dutiful service, deep family rooted commitment and seasoned understanding of Idaho, its government, economy and people?

Or maybe you can be swayed by glittery campaign spending by out of state money to promote a politically inexperienced, unqualified Utah ex-physician/developer who chooses not to run for office in his own state.

Then again, you might choose someone who has no executive experience, who was sent to Congress, but who, after Idahoans invested millions to develop his experience and skill set, decided to quit us because things got tough in DC.

While all the candidates are bright, honorable patriots, Brad Little alone has earned the right to be our next governor. No other contender comes close to his qualifications of dedication, service and loyalty to our beloved state.

Born into a family of true Idaho pioneers, he’s no quitter and remember, he’s been governor many times when Governor Otter was out of state.

Fairness and common sense cry out for our support of this good, humble and tested leader as the Idaho Republican gubernatorial nominee.

Morgan Masner, Eagle