Letters to the Editor

Owens letter: Shift in recyclables

Boise and Ada County sport a thriving, young demographic seemingly self conscious about health and outdoors. Ah, the outdoors. Quality living in an environmentally forward thinking area. Five years ago we moved to the Treasure Valley to be closer to our grandchildren. We came from the City of Spokane Valley, Wash. The Spokane area has a very conservative demographic. However, the Spokane area has an incinerator included in the waste management process. At the collection sites they take in virtually every type of trash and recyclable material we as humans produce. And then they give back mulch and cleaner air than what is taken in at the incinerator. BTW, it produces energy while reducing trash to very small amounts. We, like many others in the county, received a notification that severely limits what can be included in our recycle bins. To us coming from the Spokane area, this is a step backwards. We are allowing a contract with the Chinese to control our recycling program? Spokane’s trash burning incinerator has set a standard we were accustomed to. Ada County is allowing more trash to be buried in a landfill and should be reversed.

Scott Owens, Boise