Letters to the Editor

Mihm letter: Billy Burrito

I can’t help but wonder how as a society we have become so overly sensitive to the degree of feeling obligated to seek out and attack any person we feel is being culturally insensitive, and label them as a bigot or racist. Seriously, it’s time to take a step back and really think about the consequences, before waving the crybaby banner about all the damage society just incurred or how hurtful your personal feelings just suffered. As a defender of cultural and social justice, I would suggest you be held accountable for your actions. If you feel that is your mission, and you desire support and followers, before commencing your assault, please select a target that deserves your criticism. Otherwise, you appear to be crying wolf, under the pretense of a worthy cause. Let’s start using a little understanding, being less sensitive, and cut people a little slack, before we start firing the cannons across the bow. There’s a lot of humor, and absolutely zero malicious content or intent, in Billy Burrito and his advertisement. Society didn’t suffer any irreparable damage. In fact, I plan on stopping for a pizza tonight.

Robert Mihm, Meridian