Letters to the Editor

Chase letter: Affordable Care Act

Per the Statesman article on Feb. 12 stating that health care will cost many of us Idahoans more because the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act was dropped: that is thanks to our federal Republican delegation all cheerfully voting to do that to us.

Worse than that was our Republican governor and our Republican state Legislature’s refusal to expand Medicaid. Those Republican decisions meant 78,000 adult Idahoans have had no health insurance. Because of this Republican decision, tens of millions of tax dollars from the feds, some of which we paid into, did not come back to our state. Because of this Republican decision, thousands of good-paying jobs in the health care industry, which would have contributed to state income and sales tax revenues, were never created.

Republican senior citizens and retiring Baby Boomers, Republicans in Congress are already planning to do a hatchet job on Social Security and Medicare — your health insurance — due to this disastrous so-called tax reform bill recently passed. Are you ready to have your health care cut? Are you woke yet or are you still drinking the Trump Republican Kool-Aid?

Dallas Chase, Boise