Letters to the Editor

Youtz letter: Marsy’s Law

Victims rights are already protected in Idaho.

Idaho is doing a great job supporting victims. Article 1:22, the current “Rights of Crime Victims” article of the state Constitution, provides every legal right for victims that Marsy’s Law proposes. Please read both and compare.

Marsy’s Law creates additional burdens to the state that will be expensive at best. Parts of it will be found illegal. At worst, cases may be thrown out due to defendants not receiving their constitutional rights.

Victims rights advocates here in Idaho do an excellent job communicating with and advocating for victims of violent crimes. Advocates attend each hearing and inform victims of every court happening. Victims currently have the right to prior notification of any proceeding, along with the rights to be heard at trial, sentencing and parole hearings. The VINE computer network reinforces these rights.

Any person charged with a crime is “innocent until proven guilty.” Regardless of this, No Contact Orders to protect victims are issued immediately after a suspect is charged with a violent crime.

I hope our legislators will allow the wonderful victims rights advocates here in Idaho to do their jobs without further cumbersome, possibly illegal regulations.

Karena Youtz, Boise