Letters to the Editor

Smiga letter: Stand Your Ground

Senator Buckner-Webb says she respects responsible gun ownership. But she illustrates how supporting a Stand Your Ground bill is not acceptable. She feels current laws insisting that someone must retreat rather than stand their ground are sufficient. What she is really saying: She supports the knowledge that criminals should never fear of consequences for their actions. She is saying that the honest citizen should allow crimes to continue without consequences. I have checked on her facts regarding the Florida law. She is only stating those opinions she wants you to hear. I recently moved from New Hampshire seven months ago. Their Stand Your Ground law helps to ensure a responsible gun owner is protected from overzealous attorney generals, prosecutors, law officials who are either bias or have their own political agendas. I carried permits for concealed carry throughout the New England states for years in the course of my business. There were a number of states where I had to demand my rights to get my permits and did so. Laws must be written to protect those who wish to protect themselves, their families and anyone else whose life they might be able to save.

Joe Smiga Sr., Boise