Letters to the Editor

Nelson letter: Climate change

I want to invite anyone who has doubts about humanity’s contribution to climate change to please open up your favorite search engine and try a few searches with me: (1) How does the greenhouse effect work? (2) How much fossil fuel is burned every day? (Hint: it’s about 20 times as much as the entirety of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that covered 500 square miles) (3) Atmospheric CO2 graph over time (4) How would 2 degrees global warming affect us? (5) Has climate change regulation killed jobs? (6) Why does climate change denial exist?

I appreciate our collective desire to be skeptical, but please remember that simply accepting information that casts doubt on a subject is not skepticism. True skepticism involves thinking critically of all information considering the best available evidence behind it, as well as considering conflicts of interest. (Think on the tobacco industry’s past “science” showing tobacco use is not unhealthy. Have oil companies done the same?).

Please take responsibility for your own worldview on this issue. There really is a lot at stake, and climate change inaction is ironically a wasted economic opportunity to generate sustainable innovations.

Alan Nelson, Boise