Letters to the Editor

Stanley letter: Churches

I take the gospel to women in strip clubs, prostitution houses and to the adult expo (porn) to let them know about Jesus. The people that don’t like me taking the gospel to those places and criticize me are the people that attend church. They sit on their blessed assurance. Instead of criticizing me, why don’t they get on board, help? They would rather sit back, criticize, than actually help. What churches are telling women is we have no time for you, want nothing to do with you. Some will say that’s not my church. OK, one to two questions will tell if it’s your church. Is anybody from your church taking the gospel to those women? If the answer is no, it’s your church. And No. 2, the two churches I attend, are they helping me to take the gospel to the women in those places? That answer is no. It’s those two churches also.

Instead of writing an editorial to the paper, jump all over me or whatever ... contact me, let’s talk, discuss it. That’s what the Bible, God’s word, tells us to do.

Tim Stanley, Boise