Letters to the Editor

Ehrnstein letter: Trump

Since the Trump presidency began I have watched standards drop dismally. Truth is out. Respect of others is out. Statesmanship is out. Grace is out. Bipartisanship is out. Bullying is in. Unchecked by Congress, Trump’s dictator-like behavior is in. Republicans pander to and fawn over Trump shamefully. When Trump lies, Republicans swear to it. Freedom of the press is being challenged by Trump as it had been by Nixon. Nixon did not get away with it. Will the Republican Party let Trump silence the press? Our judicial branch is being attacked daily. Will our Congress respect the division of the branches of government as set out in our Constitution? Trump wants a military parade akin to those put on by Russia and North Korea. I see our country moving toward a dictatorship and it frightens me. Trump wants an “ethnic cleansing” of the United States. Will we the people stand by and allow Trump’s dictator-like behavior or will we stand up and fight this incompetent nincompoop and his minions? One person alone cannot stop him, but if we stand side by side, we can knock over his golf cart and put him in the sand trap for good.

Joan Ehrnstein, Meridian