Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Immigration

If it saves just one life. This is the mantra of liberals in our country. Unfortunately, they speak from both sides of their collective mouths, depending on how it will benefit them. On one hand we are constantly told we need to accept these things which will end up costing all of us more. Tire pressure monitors in all cars, because people are too lazy to check what they should do for themselves. Back up cameras, also in cars, because the same people are too lazy to look in a mirror or even turn their heads.

When there is a real threat to public safety, it’s convenient for them to forget all the preaching. Uncontrolled immigration is a real problem. Kate Steinle and the recent death of a football player and his driver. How about all the people we never hear about? Murdered and maimed by those who have been deported multiple times. It doesn’t matter to liberals, as long as they can illegally import more who will vote their way in exchange for taxpayer-paid benefits. Pathetic.

Karl Smith, Nampa