Letters to the Editor

Henkelmann letter: Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador doesn’t understand what makes Idaho such a wonderful place to live. The vast amount of open, undeveloped public land and crisp, clean trout streams that my tax dollars help protect are why I live in Idaho. Idaho is a sportsman’s dream.

However, as a representative, Labrador has repeatedly revealed that he does not have sportsmen, a huge part of Idaho’s residents and tourists, in mind. He consistently pushes bills that would give resource extraction companies more decision-making power regarding public land than expert scientists, BLM managers, ranchers and sportsmen who live here.

Labrador has supported bills that would have eliminated federal law enforcement’s abilities to manage federal land who, by the way, are members of our communities in which we live, not the D.C. thugs Labrador would like us to think they are.

Labrador has co-sponsored and supported bills that would have gradually sold off public land or opened them up for expanded mining and drilling without review processes and with little oversight.

If Raul has tried to undermine sportsmen as a representative, what makes anyone think he won’t try to do the same as governor. Sportsmen, do not vote Raul Labrador for the Idaho gubernatorial ticket.

Dustin Henkelmann, Shoshone