Letters to the Editor

Ederer letter: Listen to our youth

I was going to respond to a letter from Senator Risch about the recently passed tax bill, but then I read the Guest Opinion in the Feb. 22 edition of the Idaho Statesmen by high school senior Emily Her about the science of climate change and decided that praising her for her activism and for her determined effort to argue for her beliefs was of far greater merit. We now have to look to our youth to point out the obvious to adults who are buried in their prejudices, especially with regard to the ongoing discussions about climate change, immigration and firearm regulation. So Thank You Emily Her and all the youths like you who respectfully and forcefully make their case to support beliefs in so many important issues that bear on the future of our great country. Let’s all listen, support our future leaders and then let us all act to resolve these pressing problems.

David L. Ederer, Meridian