Letters to the Editor

Voloshen letter: Taxation, no representation

I write to our senators often, about issues that I care about in the Trump administration, and in the country in general. Mike Crapo answers occasionally, always just repeating the going Republican line of the day, never answering questions asked, and often just trying to give me a lesson in how our government and the Constitution work. If he would actually read my letters, he would know that I don’t need his lessons in government or the Constitution. I am well versed in both. Jim Risch doesn’t even bother to answer my letters. I feel that I am not represented in Congress. I even mentioned in a letter to both our senators that this shows taxation without representation, which is one of the issues that we fought the Revolutionary War over. This got no response from Risch. Crapo sent a letter totally ignoring the issues that I brought up. I have asked repeatedly for a town hall meeting with Risch and Crapo, so that the public could ask our questions, and receive timely answers. Neither has complied. Actually neither have held town hall meetings since the summer of 2016, prior to the Trump election.

Michal Voloshen, Boise