Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Military and wars

Reports surfaced this month of the president wanting to hold a military parade. While I rarely agree with him, I think that this idea could work well in uniting the country. We all owe our armed forces and their families an enormous debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they have made in the last 10-20 years. I believe a celebration to say that thank you in a highly visible manner is an appropriate thing.

But let’s also frame this within a context of something even greater to celebrate. Let’s declare that the missions are completed in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and bring all of our troops home from these unwinnable conflicts. ISIS has been routed. Our military personnel have earned extended time at home. And our military hardware also needs a rest and long-term maintenance. Exiting these tribal street fights where it is no longer clear who the good guys are would be something to truly celebrate.

Let me state a clear and sincere thank you to those in our armed forces and their families. Let’s reunite those families on American soil and then throw a big party to show our appreciation for their sacrifices on our behalf.

John Lodal, Boise