Letters to the Editor

Jung letter: Trump’s wall

How many have realized Trump’s $25 billion to fund “his wall” would pay many times over for illegals’ unpaid taxes and other expenses they allegedly incur? Will he name his wall in large letters Trump Wall? Is this another historically ineffective China Wall, Berlin Wall, Maginot Wall? Or one more Trump ego display? It is known that construction costs frequently exceed estimates, so how many more dollars will he cry for in addition to the $25 billion? How many homeless, hungry, abused would the $25 billion help? How much education, infrastructure repair and job salaries would it pay for? How much medical coverage would $25 billion cover or boost the programs? Where have priorities gone that truly take care of humans? Answer yourself truthfully, how damaged have you and families been by “illegals” being here? Ask what would Jesus do, ye who have proclaimed yourselves to be (fake) Christians. Not all are fake or silent. With blatant ignoring of scriptural teachings, disregard for the basic human values of peace, right-action, nonviolence, truth and love, love one another, and the Ten Commandments, is there still fussing over being labeled hypocrites? Hasn’t that label been earned? We must look within ... now.

Judith Jung, Eagle