Letters to the Editor

Eaton letter: Grocery tax

This is a response to a stand taken by Scott Bedke, Idaho’s House speaker, and Mike Moyle, the House majority leader, as related by The Associated Press in the Feb. 8 edition of the Idaho Statesman. It seems that the House has proposed a $200 million tax cut plan, focused on reducing personal and corporate income tax rates and creating a $130 child tax credit. However, it seems that many House members on both sides of the aisle preferred to grant tax relief in other forms, most notably in the form of repealing the current sales tax on groceries. For Moyle to label their effort as a “hostile move” and for Bedke to “ban them from discussing other tax cut proposals” exposes leadership’s lack of understanding about how to grant true tax relief to lower income Idahoans. The grocery tax’s regressive nature unfairly penalizes those who can least afford to pay taxes. So to repeal it should be the legitimate focus of meaningful tax relief. House leadership should follow the lead of House members who apparently better understand truly focused and effective tax relief. And shame on leaders who squelch such an effort.

Gayle R. Eaton, Boise