Letters to the Editor

Charlson letter: The ’70s

Remember the ’70s?

The earning power of the working class was at its highest. That has gone downhill ever since. Had to trash the unions.

This country was out of the war business. Now, ongoing never-ending wars are acceptable behavior. You have to make the world safe for greed.

The federal debt wasn’t a subject of conversation. Now it’s $20 trillion. The rich are $20 trillion richer. Every man, woman, child and the unborn is over $50,000 overdrawn.

Remember when this country used to be a democracy? Then the Supreme Court with their supreme wisdom said a corporation is the same as an individual. So they can donate all the money they want to election campaigns. Corporations are now constituents. They own Congress.

Remember when this country was the bastion of capitalism? Now, the central government has taken control of the economy. Walmart shouldn’t exist because we shouldn’t be doing business with China. The Koch brothers should be in prison, but white-collar criminals just cut a check.

Remember when this country was the land of the free? Now, it is the country of the incarcerated.

This country is an embarrassment. Trump is not much help.

Kirk Charlson, Boise