Letters to the Editor

Allen letter: Corporations

Whoop-dee-doo. At the moment, with the likes of the Koch brothers, the Mercers and the Adelsons, Wall Street and our burgeoning corporatocracy are thriving.

Trump didn’t hold back much in applauding himself for the wonderful job he thinks he’s doing.

The damage caused by these pro-Trump unregulated corporations is getting more and more out of control.

The chances of people being compensated for damage or injury caused by these unregulated corporations continues to get further out of reach.

It didn’t help by appointing an even more right-wing corporatist than Scalia to the Supreme Court when it comes to poor people trying to receive compensation for injury caused by huge corporations.

Jim Hightower’s dad had it right when he said, “Everybody does better when everybody does better.” Trump seems to be heading in just the opposite direction of that philosophy.

Ron Allen, Caldwell