Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: School shooting

I was overwhelmed recently as I listened to the families, students, teachers and others speak about the school shooting in Florida where 17 lives were taken. Take time to watch it and listen to it; it is worth it. No matter your politics, you will be compelled to think seriously about solutions. I am wondering if our youth have become desensitized through media, especially gaming. When my grandson, who loves to game, comes home today, I will sit with him and watch the “listening session” held at the White House. I will suggest to him it is time to take a stand, stop playing these violent games, stop encouraging the creation of more of them, let our money speak. Maybe we will see games that appeal to the intellect of our youth rather than the base emotion of violence. I don’t know, surely something needs to change. What do you think?

Maggie Martin, Swan Valley