Letters to the Editor

Stock letter: Meridian

Kudos to Susan Karnes on her opinion piece. She is absolutely correct, it’s well past time for the Meridian City Council to “tap the brakes” on the overdevelopment of the city of Meridian. The council and the city planning and development offices have allowed developers to usurp the role of the city in development. Meridian’s growth affects not only those in the city, but those in adjacent areas as well. Unbridled growth ranging from high-density housing to giant retail complexes such as Linder Village and Costco benefit no one but the developers, at the cost of the quality of life for those living in and adjacent to Meridian.

It is time for the council to re-evaluate building and zoning codes to reduce density and stop the rush to overbuild. The onerous burden placed on the citizens by this unchecked development results in school and road overcrowding, which in turn leads to higher taxes and more bond request to pay for this expansion. This is an important quality of life issue. I remind every voter to keep these issues in mind when voting. It’s our community, and our voice must control development.

Greg Stock, Meridian