Letters to the Editor

Robinson letter: Nampa Promise

This is an important letter meant for businesses, corporations and those with money to contribute to an important cause.

Recently in my run for mayor of Nampa, I advocated for the start of a scholarship fund called The Nampa Promise. This fund would be for low-income high school students who cannot afford a college education. They would need to qualify economically and would have maintained at least a 2.0 grade point average upon high school graduation. The fund would totally pay for two years of community college (including textbooks).

I challenge Micron, Plexus, Saint Alphonsus, St. Luke’s, Simplot Corp., the sugar industry, the cheese factory and Nampa’s many small businesses to help me get this fund started. There are many jobs left unfilled or filled by people from other states and countries, because Idaho has a lack of educated workers. Please, Nampa corporations and businesses, let’s take this idea and run with it, as it will help our city become a better place to live and work in the Treasure Valley.

Melissa Sue Robinson, Nampa